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UNAM Library

Mr. Joseph Ndinoshiho

I appreciate you taking your valuable time to visit the UNAM Library’s website. As you will note, UNAM Library is composed of multiple branches, reflecting the multi-campus system of the University of Namibia. The library’s facilities, services and resources are aligned to the university strategic direction, and hence are geared towards supporting the academic and research goals of the University. This website is our virtual space in the global web of information, but it only represents part of the library services. Our electronic journal and e-book collections are supplemented by a volume of over 180 000 books and nearly 300 print journal titles. It therefore gives me great pleasure to invite you to also visit our physical space (library buildings) and discover a wealth of book and print journal collections specifically acquired to support the university curriculum.

Although we are committed to helping you to access all your informational needs, we are similarly mindful of the fact that no library in the world can claim to be self-sufficient. In the event that you are unable to find what you are looking for, please do not give up. Consult our librarians who may be able obtain it from other libraries through the Inter-Library Loan service. Our competent librarians are there to provide timely responses to your academic and research information needs. The library’s operating hours goes beyond 17h00 most of the days during the academic terms. So you have ample time to interact with our librarians as much as possible and also to access our rich collections. You may also bring your laptop in our libraries and enjoy wireless network access to the Internet.

I invite you to explore our website and trust that you will find our resources useful in meeting your academic and research information needs.

I wish you fruitful browsing of our website