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Key Information for Library Users

Borrowing Procedures


Student, staff or library cards should be presented when taking out library materials.

Books and other library material from the main collection (open shelf) may be borrowed. Once you’ve made your selection take the material to the circulation desk with your borrower card where it will be issued.

Books and other material from the Reserve Collection (Short Loan) may be requested at the Short Loan Section. Student cards must be presented before material will be issued. This material is reserved for under-graduates for a period of two hours only. Overnight loans are possible from 21:30. All material must be returned by 08:00 the next morning.

Security System

On leaving the Building, borrowers must hand over all library material to staff at the circulation desk. The Library staff will then check that items are issued correctly. It will now be safe to leave the Library.


When returning library material borrowers must wait for items to be cleared from their record and ask for the receipt. They will be informed of any outstanding fines. Fines must be settled before more items will be issued.


Books and other library material may be renewed twice providing that no other reader has reserved the material. All library material must be renewed before the loan period expires. Material to be renewed should be brought to the circulation desk, renewed by phone at 061-2063059/3538 or online at Library Catalogue.


Items, which are on loan to other borrowers, may be reserved in advance by request at the circulation desk or on the Web based catalogue at Library Catalogue. The prospective borrower will be notified as soon as the item is returned to the Library. Items, which are not collected within three days of the date the borrower was notified, will be returned to the open shelf.

Access for Users with Special Needs

Users with special needs at the Main Campus library should make arrangements for accessing the ILRC building and the internal lift through Ext: 3217/ 3059 / 3740. Users at other campuses should make arrangements with library staff. See contact details/list below.


If borrowed items are not returned within the loan period, readers will be fined 50c per item per day for the first 14 days for material from the open shelf, and N$ 1.00 for the rest of the overdue period, and 50c per article per hour for material from the Short Loan Section.

Overdue Notices

Overdue notices are sent daily by mail or by email. Please supply the Library with your email address to avoid printing charges of N$5.00 per overdue notice. After a third and final reminder the replacement costs of the item may be claimed from the borrower when a bill will be sent to the borrower.

Lost Material

Borrowers are responsible for the loss or damage of library material issued to them. A lost item will cost the replacement value of the item, or a minimum of N$800.00, or it can be replaced by an identical copy.


Anyone found attempting to remove library material not issued to them will be subject to strict disciplinary action which may include: the suspension of library membership, withholding of examination results, the imposing of a fine of N$800.00 per item, or any other appropriate action including suspension or dismissal from the University.

Library hours should be adhered to at all times, during winter and summer.

Libraries at other Campuses

Each campus has its own library with its own set of rules.

UNAM Library for all users, staff and students