Overview of Alumni Association

Who we are
A voluntary organisation that aims to further lifelong partnership between the University and members of the Association.

Alumni Vision
To be the leading premier Academic Association, promoting and advocating for the growth and sustainability of the alumni by 2023.

Alumni Mission
A UNAM association that aims to build and maintain a perpetual fraternity of graduates, by fostering mutually beneficial relations in order to advance education, research, and innovation.

Who can become a member?

  • Graduates from the University of Namibia
  • Graduates from the Former Academy
  • Any individual in possession of a certification that was offered as a partnership between UNAM and any other institution
  • Including Associate and Honorary membership

Contact Us
Kashiwanwa Neshila-Immanuel
Coordinator:  Alumni and Networking
Email: alumni@unam.na
Tel: 061 206 3575

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