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The Campus is strategically located in Omusati Region, the famous Cuvelai-Etosha Basin of north-central Namibia. It is approximately 800 km from the City of Windhoek and mid-way between Oshikuku and Outapi Townships along the C46 highway and roughly 50 kilometres from Oshakati.

The Campus is on a 4,350 ha farm of which 1000 ha serves as a game park. This offers a unique opportunity to conduct almost all student field practicals on campus and a further opportunity for research and community engagements in agriculture production and the management of natural resources.

Indeed the campus is mandated to develop innovative ways of crop and animal production as well as environmental management and instil this knowledge in the student clientele and the community.

Training at Ogongo focuses on agriculture, management of natural resources and environmental science. All students admitted at Ogongo have a chance to be accommodated in the University hostels, making it very convenient to access the Campus facilities even at night. Being a Campus with a low student population, inter-personal interactions are actualized creating a homely, conducive learning environment.

In spite of the Campus’ rural setting, its Laboratories, Library, Sports and IT facilities are as good as any in urban Namibia. To state but a few, the Campus boast some state-of-the-art laboratories such as the tissue culture lab, plant physiology, pathology, breeding and soil sciences laboratories. These continue to support research and development activities in various crops, such as the rice which is now under commercial production at the Kalimbeza National Rice Project, near Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region.

For those in love with nature, there is no better place to study than at Ogongo. As evident from our Virtual Tour, it is a green haven, having preserved its natural vegetation for many years whereas trees and other plants have been decimated in the surrounding community. Its tall trees stand out as a green island amongst degraded lands offering a sanctuary for many grass species and forbs that have vanished elsewhere. As a result, Ogongo Campus attracts a rich diversity of wildlife and bird species rare elsewhere in northern Namibia. Conservation of nature is enhanced by the numerous species of wildlife in its game park. Indeed, many schools visits the UNAM Ogongo Game Park for the first glance at Giraffe, Oryx, Zebra, Red Hartebeest, Ostriches and Springbuck.

Moreover, the farm section at Ogongo Campus offers a wonderful opportunity for hands-on training for agriculture students as it boasts various Agro-enterprises to cover the whole agriculture spectrum. These include but are not limited to, fruits and vegetable production, mahangu, maize and rice production, dairy, beef and poultry enterprises. The intent of Ogongo Campus is to commercialise these enterprises by pitching them at a level where they can contribute to the income diversification objectives of UNAM. Most importantly, to instil the skills and knowledge in our graduates that agriculture is both a science and a business.

Therefore, if you are a prospective student, alumni, education official, or entrepreneur, please join us in promoting agriculture and natural resources management through UNAM Ogongo Campus.

Facilities & Stats

The campus abounds with lecture theatres and rooms with multi-media equipment. The Campus has three functional computer labs in which students can type assignments and access online resources such as e-journals. The University’s library system is set up in such a way that students at each campus can benefit from the latest online catalogues and inter-library loan facilities. The library on campus, therefore, serves as a community and the Ogongo Campus library is no exception. The Library boasts a collection of +-10 000 books, e-journals and also houses an audio-visual room with video conference facilities.

The campus community enjoys a high-speed wireless internet service and in addition, students are also provided with 3G devices in their first year of study in order for them to be able to access the internet outside the internet coverage radius.

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Key Contact Offices

Dr Chirstopher Mberema
Campus Director
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Dr Benisiu Thomas
Head of Academic Affairs
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Mr. Mathew Nghihangwa
Campus Administrator
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Mr. Samuel Martin
Farm Manager
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Mr Oswin Haludilu
Assistant Faculty Officer
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Mr Willem Amutenya
Student Support Officer
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Mr Manfred Nyambe
IT Support Technician
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Ms Justina Amupolo
Examinations Officer
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Ms Charlotte Nakanduungile
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