About UNAM

The University of Namibia (UNAM), is the country’s premier institution of tertiary education. It consists of four faculties and 12 campuses country-wide. This outreach makes UNAM a truly community-based institution, renowned for its academic excellence, outstanding research, and community development projects. It is a diverse institution with a student population from 41 countries around the world. Although a relatively young university, it has grown to support a student population of over 30 000.

Academic programmes at the university are housed in four (4) faculties and sixteen (16) schools:

A broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are offered across various educational platforms, from natural to social sciences.

A study conducted by an international expert, Guillermo Lemarchand, titled Science and Technology and Information Platform for Namibia, found that the University of Namibia, was still the country’s chief contributor to new knowledge.

All our programmes are designed to ensure that each individual that joins UNAM is fully prepared for the envisioned purpose of study undertaken. UNAM is increasingly becoming the University of Choice for many citizens of the world. This does not only mean that UNAM has become a more visible institution, it also means that there is quality in the education and training that our national university provides to her students, as further attested by the level of our ranking among African higher education institutions.

A growing number of UNAM’s own alumni who went through intensive capacity building training and academic upward mobility through teaching, research, publication and service to the wider community, are more and more being recommended for promotion to associate or full professorship by their international academic peers around the globe.

To date UNAM has graduated over 40 000 students who are serving the country in various sectors of the economy with most occupying prominent positions in government, the private sector, and even worldwide.

Some key facts about UNAM:

  • 12 campuses country-wide
  • 30 000 plus registered students
  • 40 000 plus graduates
  • 45 000 plus qualifications awarded
  • 122 PhD holders
  • 36 Professors
  • 288 Lecturers (Master’s holders)
  • 39 Doctoral degrees (PhDs) offered
  • 63 Master’s degrees offered