Application Information (General)

UNAM welcomes students with a range of school leaving certificates and qualifications from all over the world. Prospective students are advised to fulfill the minimum admission requirements for entry as well as English Language requirement (if relevant) as indicated. Competition for places in some programmes is extremely high, and the minimum requirement given may not be sufficient to secure an offer.

General Application Information

Applications for admission are now open for the 2023 academic year, for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes.  Each student is requested to submit only one online application form, by using your student number allocated if you have applied previously.  First-time applicants will receive a student/reference number.  All applicants are requested to indicate a first and second choice (if applicable) of what you wish to study as well as the mode of study (Full-time, Part-time).

All applicants whose application forms are received by the University of Namibia will receive an acknowledgment letter from the Student Records section. Applicants who meet the basic admission requirements will be forwarded to the different Schools for submission to the School’s Admission Committee for consideration.  All successful applicants will receive a letter of provisional admission/full admission from their respective Schools.  The Office of the Registrar will provide all provisional/fully admitted applicants with correspondence that includes registration dates, information on registration and tuition fees, orientation programmes, and a reminder to submit all original documents on the day of registration. Applicants who did not complete their previous qualifications at UNAM should ensure that they have a recent NQA Evaluation certificate before admission can be considered.

All applicants with full admission are requested to register on the specified date as indicated per School/Department/Programme. Please note that you may forfeit your place or will be charged a late registration fee if you fail to register on the date allocated to you.

Note: International students should note that only School Leaving Certificates or confirmation from the relevant Examination Authority stating that certificates will be issued during the first year of study, will be accepted.  International applicants should ensure that they have a recent NQA Evaluation certificate before admission can be considered.