Information & Communication Technology Services (ICT) Overview

Welcome to Information Technology at the University of Namibia. The Information & Communication Technology Services (ICT) provides and supports technology, communication, information, and collaborative services to the University of Namibia, students, and staff in the pursuit of excellence in teaching, learning, and research at all Campuses.

Our primary goal is to provide efficient ICT Service and Support to our stakeholders to advance and support the mission and goals of the university.

The centre is under the leadership of the Centre Director, through the following divisions (1) Infrastructure, (2) Systems and (3) IT Technical and Support Divisions, is responsible for the following:

  • Support and assistance for desktop computing in both administrative and academic environments, including equipment acquisition and repair;
  • Operating system and database administration for the central campus computing environment;
  • Support for University Information Systems;
  • Software support and distribution;
  • Web presence assistance;
  • Maintenance of campus network infrastructure;
  • Network and email account setup and management;
  • Management of student computing labs;
  • Management of the campus Audio/Visual services.

Additionally, we offer centralized support, training, and consulting concerning information technology to the university community.