Corporate Engagement & International Relations (CEIRD)


The Corporate Engagement & International Relations Directorate (CEIRD) includes aspects of communication, marketing, corporate branding, international relations, and alumni.

CEIRD leads institution-level integrated communication, marketing, alumni, branding, and international relations efforts. The directorate collaborates with leaders across campuses to ensure consistent messaging, strategic marketing efforts, strong brand presence and development for the University. The directorate is doing this by focusing its efforts on university activities that best reflect the creation of new knowledge, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship – all to provide an environment that encourages student success.

CEIRD is responsible for promoting the corporate image and identity of the University and for delivering core marketing messages to internal and external stakeholders through print, social and news media, public relations, events management, photography and electronic communications.

Through strategic and creative communications, the directorate demonstrates how the university provides value to its varied constituents and helps fulfill the University’s collective goals toward student success; global relevance; interdisciplinary distinction; strong community engagement, and vital campus environments.

The directorate brings aspects of marketing, communication, and international relations together to effectively position the university in a consistent and coordinated manner.

Below is a sample of online connections with stakeholders around the world. Click image to get a glimpse of corporate and other online publications of the institution.