MTC Student Internet SIM Cards & Devices

MTC has collaborated with Inceptus to supply UNAM students with data monthly. Students will receive a SIM Starter pack with preloaded data upon registering with UNAM.

How to Apply

Students can contact their respective Campus Technicians and take along the following:

  • Student Card
  • Passport (for International Students)
  • Proof of Registration (Print from your portal)

Who Qualifies

All the UNAM students are going to receive the new MTC Sim cards and devices respectively.

  • First Year Students (Pocket WIFI Device and Sim Card)
  • Senior Students (only SIM cards)

NB. If you don’t have a student card, you are not going to be issued a SIM card or device.

DATA on the Sim Cards

Every student will receive 55 GB in total per month and they are split as follows; 40 GB for all the UNAM e-learning and ICT-related sites, and another 15 GB for general internet usage.

Websites Eligible for 40GB Usage