Open Bids

1Laboratory Consumables & Reagents for The Physics & Mat...G/RFQ/UNAM-36/2022GoodsMainMon, 30th May '22 @ 12:00Open Bid
2Drafting of Fire Water Reticulation Plans for the Windh...SC/RP/UNAM- 01/2022Consultancy ServicesMainMon, 30th May '22 @ 15:00Open Bid
3Supply and Installation of Boom Gate Motors at Unam Adm...W/RFQ/UNAM- 15/2022WorksMainTue, 31st May '22 @ 12:00Open Bid
4Laboratory Consumables and Reagents for Biochemistry, M...G/RFQ/UNAM-40/2022GoodsMainTue, 31st May '22 @ 12:00Open Bid
5Supply and Delivery of Office Chairs for Unam's Ogongo ...G/RFQ/UNAM-39/2022GoodsOgongoTue, 31st May '22 @ 12:00Open Bid
6Renumbering and Re-Painting of Parking Bays at Main CampusW/RFQ/UNAM-14/2022WorksMainWed, 1st June '22 @ 12:00Open Bid
7Supply and Deliver of Laboratory Coats for the Faculty ...G/RFQ/UNAM-38/2022GoodsHage GeingobThu, 2nd June '22 @ 12:00Open Bid
8Construction of an Office Block for CEIR - Main CampusW/RFQ/UNAM- 11/2022WorksMainFri, 3rd June '22 @ 12:00OpenMeet. Bid
9Supply and Installation of GI Conference Table and Chai...G/RFQ/UNAM-37/2022GoodsOshakatiMon, 6th June '22 @ 12:00Open Bid
10Construction of rock preparation facility, Storm water ...W/ONB/UNAM-01/2022WorksSouthernThu, 23rd June '22 @ 15:00Open Bid
11Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of CCTV...G/ONB/UNAM/04/2022GoodsMainThu, 23rd June '22 @ 15:00Open Bid
12Procurement of IT Equipment for a period of two (2) ye...G/ONB/UNAM – 05/2022GoodsMainThu, 23rd June '22 @ 15:00Open Bid
13Supply and Delivery of Laboratory Consumables and Reage...G/ONB/UNAM-06/2022GoodsAllThu, 23rd June '22 @ 15:00Open Bid

Closed Bids

1Supply and Delivery of Various Equipment for Setting Up...G/RFQ/UNAM-33/2022GoodsHage Geingob24th May 2022 Open
2Supply and Delivery of Various Chemicals, Polymers and ...G/RFQ/UNAM-32/2022GoodsHage Geingob24th May 2022 Open
3Supply and Delivery of CORE-NB Lab ConsumablesG/RFQ/UNAM-41/2022GoodsHage Geingob24th May 2022 Open
4Renewal of Veeam Backup and Replication License RenewalNCS/RFQ/UNAM-07/2022Non-Consultancy ServicesMain24th May 2022
5Replacement of Heat pumps, Hot Water Cylinders & Associ...W/RFQ/UNAM- 12/2022WorksSam Nujoma23rd May 2022
6Erecting of Steel Shaded Parking and Installation of Co...W/RFQ/UNAM- 10/2022WorksOshakati23rd May 2022
7The procurement of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Op...G/ONB/UNAM-03/2022GoodsMain20th May 2022
8Repairing of Flooded Interlocked Roads at the Hage Gein...W/RFQ/UNAM-08/2022WorksHage Geingob20th May 2022
9Floor Tiling of Main Hall at Oshakati CampusW/RFQ/UNAM-09/2022WorksOshakati20th May 2022
10Servicing of Milli-Q Water Filtration System and Consum...W/RFQ/UNAM-15/2022WorksHage Geingob19th May 2022 Open

Tender Procedures

Documents are available for collection at:
The Cashier
University of Namibia
Main Campus,
Administration Building,
Ground Floor,
Windhoek, Namibia

Sealed documents to be delivered at:
The Tender Box
University of Namibia
Main Campus,
Administration Building,
Ground Floor,
Windhoek, Namibia

Applicable fees might be payable for tender documents collection.
Company Representatives are welcome to attend the opening of Tenders.