UNAM Foundation Overview

The University of Namibia Foundation was established in 1992 with a mandate to encourage private financial support to enable the University of Namibia to fulfil its mission as the national institute of higher education and to foster relationships and partnerships in the promotion of higher education. As a registered Trust, the Foundation is independent of the University of Namibia, but maintains close links through the connection of dreams and passions as partners to the mission of the University. It exists for the purpose of securing and administering private resources in support of academic programmes, student scholarships, faculty developments and public service initiatives at the University of Namibia to fill the gaps that the Government cannot reach.

The success of every university foundation is associated with its ability to transform lives through education. The University of Namibia not only transfers knowledge and skills required in order for students to succeed in the corporate fraternity, but it also strengthens their ability to think analytically and contribute to the economic development of the nation. Without sufficient funding to implement programmes and provide the required infrastructure, UNAM cannot succeed in the delivery of its mandate.