4th UNAM Annual Education Conference


The Faculty of Education is pleased to announce the fourth UNAM Annual Education Conference tagged ‘’Zambezi 2015’’ scheduled for 17th - 20th August, 2015 at the Katima Mulilo Campus, Katima Mulilo.


Education systems throughout the world are faced with the challenge of providing an effective education for all children, young people and adults. Thus, maintaining educational quality for diversity and inclusion continues to face tremendous challenges at both national and regional levels. Essentially, our education systems need clear and unified national strategies to include all learners without which achieving the Education for All (EFA) goals will remain an illusion. Therefore, the education system requires adoption of intersectoral policies to address the social, economic, political and cultural factors that generate exclusion - both from education and within education. Thus, the 4th UNAM annual education conference will provide a platform for educators and scholars to explore present practices and consider future directions so that education continues to be responsive to the needs of learners. The conference programs will include keynote presentations from experts in their related fields, interactive presentations and case studies that will provide opportunity for shareholders to share ideas and develop working relationship in the effort towards entrenching quality in the education system. The conference social events will include a networking dinner and guided tour to the Victoria Falls.

The conference discussion will focus on the following main theme and subthemes:

Conference main theme:

  • Pursuing Quality Teaching and Learning for Diversity and Inclusion

Conference subthemes:

  1. Best Practices in the Teaching and Learning Environment
  2. Developing and Using Indigenous Teaching and Learning Aids
  3. Education and formative Assessment
  4. Education for National Development
  5. The Importance of Mother Tongue Education

Call for Papers

Abstract and Manuscript Submission Preparation Requirements

Abstracts of research papers in between 200 - 300 words are invited from academics, education researchers, and students on contemporary issues in education under the conference main and subthemes. All submissions must be made electronically and no hard copy or floppy diskette will be accepted. Submitted abstracts will promptly undergo a blind pair review within 48 hours and authors of accepted abstracts will receive feedback to submit their full length papers. Authors of rejected abstracts will also receive notification.

Manuscript layout

All manuscripts must be written in English using a 12-point font size in Times New Roman and saved as MS word, 97 – 2003 documents. Single spacing should be used throughout the document with 2.5 cm margins all around. The text should be fully justified. Headings should be in a 12-point font; main headings should be in bold and subheadings in italics. Quotations of more than 40 words must be indented while shorter ones should be placed within double quotation marks. All graphics and tables should be inserted within the manuscripts in the appropriate location. Manuscripts sent with separate graphics and tables will not be approved for publishing. All full length papers should not be more than 15 pages long, including references.

The author (s)’ name(s), affiliations, phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses should appear on a separate cover page to ensure anonymity in the review process.


The references and citations should conform to the format in the latest revised edition of the American Psychological Association (APA). References within the text should be indicated by providing the author’s name followed by the year in parenthesis, e.g “Nepembe (2014) proposed…” Where several authors have contributed to the same idea, their names should appear in alphabetical order, followed by the year at the end of the statement or paragraph, e.g “Many studies have confirmed that learning to read and write science is important…(e.g Treagust, 2009; Ngololo, 2013; Kasanda, 2015)”. The full reference list should be given in alphabetical order at the end of the manuscript.

It is important to inform intending presenters that arrangement has been concluded with the publisher of Namibia CPD Journal for Educators (NCPDJE) to publish the accepted papers in a special issue of the journal and the hard copies will be made available to authors at the conference.

NB: Authors are encouraged to adequately carry out preliminary editing of their manuscripts prior to submission.

Abstract and Manuscript Submission

All abstracts and manuscripts should be submitted not later than 15 June 2015 to: jabah@unam.na or gsitali@unam.na

All manuscripts received will undergo a blind pair review by the Katima Mulilo Campus EDUCON 2015 Editorial Committee.

Other Requirements
  1. Registration fee of N$500.00 only to be paid by all participants
  2. A token fee of N$200.00 will be paid for excursion to Victoria Falls (interested persons only)
  3. Participants are to make arrangement for their accommodation and means of travel. However, hotel reservations will be made by the Katima Mulilo Campus and interested guests will pay at the point of check-in.

Registration Form as PDF

Accommodation Reservation: Zambezi2015@unam.na
A list of Hotels in Katima Mulilo can be found in this PDF: Accomodation in Katima Mulilo

Important Dates

15 May 2015:Deadline for abstract submission
15 June 2015:Deadline for full paper submission
17 August 2015:Arrival and Official Opening at 18h00
18 to 19 August 2015:Technical sessions
20 August 2015:Victoria Falls Excursion (to and from)
21 August 2015:Departure

contact us

Ms. A.M. Mutendewa

+264 66 262 6002
+264 81 275 2191

Ms. A.M. Mbeha

+264 66 262 6000
+264 81 484 6117