SRC President’S Message

Victoria ShipaleVictoria Shipale

It is indeed a great honor to represent the entire student population of this prestigious institution. As the SRC President I would like to welcome all students to the University of Namibia. A place of unlimited opportunities that produced a lot of capable leaders but most importantly it has greatly shaped the minds of the youth. You must always remember there is no road to success that has no challenges. I would therefore encourage you dear students to remain focused on your academics and greatly participate in the extramural activities provided by the Universities societies, sports clubs and other youthful activities that contribute to personal growth.

As a representative all twelve campuses of the University of Namibia I implore for unity among all University staff and the entire student community at large. We must remain united in order to realize the Universities vision. We should make a positive change, respect varied opinions of every student and staff and more significantly we should uphold the rules and regulations of the University of Namibia. Therefore no student at this institution should be made to feel they do not belong.

Lastly, I request a prayer of sustenance strength and protection in our academic endeavor and wish that we would all come together as one body with a common interest to contribute appreciably to the growth of the University of Namibia.


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