SRC Overview

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is constituted in terms of section 15 of the University of Namibia, Act 18 of 1992, promulgated by the National Assembly of the Republic of Namibia. The Student Representative Council is a body which shall govern and oversee the University of Namibia’s student union affairs.

This body is elected annually at all campuses by the students through the Chief electoral Commissioner that conducts the elections. The SRC constitutes of approximately 14 members including the Speaker of Parliament and the Executive Secretary. These council members are governed by the SRC Constitution and the General By-Laws. The SRC President is elected by all twelve campuses and only the executive portfolios are eligible to vote.

As the Student Representative Council we are dedicated to transforming the overall Student welfare by dealing with all issues that impend the affable atmosphere of academic credibility for all Students. Making sure the academic environment within UNAM remains Student central and is dedicated to protecting student against any prejudice and any other barriers that are detrimental to the Students’ academic life.

Lastly we urge all Students to be moral, ethical and physically sound and too be actively involved in activities and platforms presented to you by your SRCs to empower one another and improve our student community.


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