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Mrs. Magriet MaingaMrs. Magriet Mainga

Welcome to the University of Namibia. I am confident that your time at Namibia’s leading institution of higher education will be one filled with personal growth, where you will have memorable life changing experiences. The University of Namibia has nurtured some of Namibia and Africa’s brightest minds, and continues to be an institution of choice for thousands of students. It is against this background, that the Office of the Dean of students is committed to providing you with the necessary support to ensure your self-actualizing at this amazing institution.

I am Margaret Mainga, for many years I have served as a “Mother Away from Home” to many who choose to start their future at the University of Namibia. A social worker by profession, your emotional well-being is at the top of my list of my priorities. Together, with a team of equipped and selfless professionals, the Office of the Dean of Students isn’t just a friend of students, but also your place of refuge in times of need, and academic problems. The office is equipped with social workers, psychologists, lawyers nurses and other support staff. University can be a challenging and demanding environment, especially for those who travel from far, often away from their parents, relatives and friends for the first time. With this new freedom, also comes a lot of pressure to adapt and fit in. Many have fallen victim of these pressures, and often returned to thier homes with no glittering story to tell about academic conquering. The Office of the Dean of Students wants to ensure that you, who is not just a student to us, but our sons and daughters, will not only graduate on the best possible terms, but can also have heartwarming stories on your academic journey to share with your parents, friends and your children. Congratulations on being accepted at this stellar institution and may this new journey equip you with the necessary skills, skills that would make you stronger, wiser and unafraid to fight for what you believe and need.


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