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Alfons MosimaneAlfons Mosimane

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the University of Namibia, Neudamm Campus. I hope you will witness our commitment to agriculture and veterinary sciences in terms of training, research, farming and community service. Our vision is to become a centre of excellence in agriculture and veterinary sciences. This vision enables us to directly address the University Strategic Plan (USP) 2016-2020, the fourth National Development Plan (NDP4), the country's National Vision 2030 and the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP).

Neudamm Campus and Farm is ± 30 kilometres east of Windhoek on the B1 road to Hosea Kutako International Airport and the town of Gobabis. The history of Neudamm Farm dates back to 1897. However, in 1955 a new Neudamm Agriculture College was established close to the road and railway line which is the current Neudamm Campus.

After Namibia's independence, agriculture was declared as a priority field of study by the first President of Namibia and Father of the Nation, Dr Sam Nujoma, in the mid-nineties. In 1996, the Neudamm Agriculture College was transformed into the new vibrant Neudamm Campus which is home to Neudamm Farming, the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources (FANR) and the new School of Veterinary Medicine (SoVM) which support each other to achieve the vision of the Campus.

Neudamm farm is known for its production of top genetic breeding material of stud animals. Neudamm farming is sub divided into four sections. The large stock section includes farming with Sanga, Afrikaner and Simmentaler cattle breeds which are all registered as stud animals. The small stock section manages breeds such as the Boer goat and Kalahari red, sheep breeds such as Karakul, Dorper and Damara which are all registered as stud animals, as well as the Arabier horse breed. The intensive section includes the dairy (Frisian cows), piggery and poultry. The agronomy section focuses on production of vegetables.

The FANR at the Neudamm campus host the Department of Animal Science, Department of Food Science and Technology and the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension.

The School of Veterinary Medicine offers a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine degree. To facilitate training an Animal Teaching Hospital for large animals (both livestock and wildlife) will soon be constructed at Neudamm Campus, while the small animals' hospital will be at the main campus in Windhoek. A veterinary clinic for treatment of animals on the farm and for teaching is being operated by SoVM veterinarians.

In addition, we endeavour to position the Neudamm Campus, as the agricultural research hub for the University of Namibia. The vast tracks of farming land, biological diversity, and close proximity to the other UNAM campuses in Windhoek presents great opportunity for research and teaching collaborations by academics and students of Windhoek campuses. I, therefore, invite faculties at the Windhoek based-Campuses to visit us, in order to explore research collaborations.

Neudamm Campus certainly live up to the slogan of "Training and Research to Feed the Nation". We hope you will find your academic journey with us very stimulating.

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