Life Science Division

The core function of the Life Science Division (LSD) is to play a leading research role in managing and utilizing the natural resources for sustainable development, conservation of the biodiversity and provision of ecosystem services. The objectives of the Division are to:
• Undertake and promote collaborative scientific research in biodiversity, and ecosystem services, climate change impacts/adaptation and social ecological systems.
• Provide specialized and applied research on natural resources policies in support of national development goal
• Conduct academic and theoretical applied research as well as contributing to teaching in priority areas;
• Contribute to publications, dissemination of research findings and facilitate the interaction between researchers , natural resources managers and practitioners
• Promote mentoring, capacity building and postgraduate research fellowship program (PGRF).

The Life Sciences Division has three Research Programmes with several projects.
Biodiversity, Ecology ad Ecosystem Services
• Population biology of indigenous plants of conservation priority
• Monitoring biodiversity and ecosystem integrity
• Restoration Ecology
Climate change and Disaster risk management
• Community based adaptation strategies
• Vulnerability and risk assessments
Social Ecological Systems (SES)
• Community-based Natural Resources Management (CBNRM)
• Common Pool Resources (CPRs) governance
• Human Wildlife Interaction


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