Technical Services

Overall Goal

The Technical Services Department’s goal is to support the activities and provide the infrastructure for User Services to render the necessary services to the UNAM community and the Namibian public at large.


Acquire library materials in any format, as well as create and maintain the library's computerized databases containing bibliographic records, order records, check-in and holdings data, authority records, in such a manner as to promote and facilitate access to library materials for users within UNAM, the Namibian community and the world.

  • In consultation with other library staff in User Services and the Archival Unit support the library's use of technology in order to provide effective services for users and staff
  • Provide leadership in the organization and analysis of the various library collections and in the definition and implementation of the library's objectives in bibliographic control
  • Maintain the library collection in good physical condition through repair of damaged items, binding and other forms of preservation, e.g. digitization
  • Order, receive, accession, and catalogue library materials in all formats to be accessible on the library catalogue
  • Evaluate, improve and develop the collection according to the needs of the users in cooperation with Faculties, Centers and students

Library Contacts

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