Library Facilities

Discussion Rooms

Located on the First and Second Floors, these may be used on a reservation basis (each group is given 3 hours to use it. You need to provide a student card when you are booking. Enquiries should be made at the Short Loan Section on the First floor.

Wireless Internet

Wireless Inter access is available at all campus libraries.

Library Auditorium

Located on the Ground Floor for board meetings, workshops / seminar, public lecturer, events, etc. For booking please contact the following Interactive Multimedia Unit (IMMU) offices on the Ground floor Mr. Nambili Tel: 206 3543, Ms. Bezuidenhout Tel: 206 3282 or Mr. Kahuike at 206 3871.

Training Room

Located on the Second Floor, mainly used to train undergraduates and prost-graduates students, lecturers on how to search OPAC, e-resources and other information literacy classes. External users can also use it through booking. For booking please contact Mr. E. Tjazerua Tel. 206 3428.

Study carrels

There are sixteen (16) individual lockable units available for Postgraduate and Undergraduate students at the Main Campus for single person use. Prior bookings is necessary. A fine will be levied for lost keys. Enquiries should be made at Tel. 20635252/2063538/2063536.

After Hours Return

During non-operational hours, users may return borrowed library material through the slot provided to the right of the entrance of the ILRC building. Users at other campuses should ask for overnight arrangements pertaining to their own campus.The after-hours return box is emptied daily.

Library Contacts

+264 61 206 3878
+264 61 206 3059
+264 61 206 3740
+264 61 206 3538
+264 61 206 3536
+264 61 206 3876
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