The Writing Unit - Oshakati

The Oshakati Writing Unit at present offers support to all UNAM students and individuals wishing to improve skills such as editing, writing short stories, poetry and drama; advice in summarizing, speech writing and note taking; letter writing, compilation of CVs and card writing. Courses on thematic writing, editing, creative thinking and writing and community writing issues such as letters, minutes, posters, reports and graphics will be implemented in 2001 according to demand.

Resources: Computers and printers; individual attention for writers; small classes for special needs; reference books.

Duration: Depends on individuals’ needs. The Unit is open from 08H30 to 12H30 from Monday to Friday. Individual appointments may be arranged.

General Information

Please take note: All courses will pay special attention to areas of grammatical and lexical upgrading, viz: word order: pronunciation and spelling, verb tense usage, questions and question tags, passive and active voice, sentence construction, nouns and articles. Verb noun agreement. nouns, pronouns and quantifies, adverbs, prepositions and linking devices, money, numbers and word formation.

Methodology: Group, pair and individual activities, lecturing, facilitation and observation, collecting information reporting and writing summaries.

Out of class activities will consist of role-play and simulations e.g. meetings: project planning and development. All language skills will be integrated but with the focus on hands on activities and on- site observation where possible.


A candidate is given a certificate on request: for instance if candidate attends only one courses he/she would receive a certificate for that course only. Otherwise a candidate is awarded a certificate after completing all courses offered by the Language Centre. The certificate will cover all levels and duration of the courses passed.

Course Fees

The course fee for all of the above is N$ 850,00 per course payable upon registration. This includes a non-refundable of amount N$ 350,00 to cover administrative costs. Students who drop out after the first two weeks of the course will be liable for the full course fee.

NB. Foreign students should have a study permit / visa to enrol, and are advised to apply for their study permit / visa before they leave their country of origin.

Contact Person

For all special courses offered at the Oshakati Campus:

Mr V Nangombe
Tel: (065) 223 2232
Fax: (065) 223 2271

Alina N. Nambambi
Tel: (065) 223 2243

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