English for Multi Purposes

This course aims at improving the different English language skills necessary for various purposes. Individuals and groups will be offered an opportunity to learn English with a purpose and for a purpose.

Target group: Employees in Private, Corporate and Public sectors who wish to improve their English language skills for Business communication; employees who lack official language competency skills and mature candidates who wish to improve their writing and comprehensive skills necessary to interpret, understand and write the English Mature Age examination for admission to UNAM.

Content: The course will focus on the communication process: business letters, i.e. writing letters of application, Curriculum Vitae and covering letters, principles of report writing, writing minutes and memos. Reading activities require some inference to be made by students, i.e. "reading between the lines": application of different lower and higher order reading skills and transfer of information from texts. Listening and Speaking entail the following, among others: select information relevant to specific purposes; communicate accurately and fluently according to the context; identify and infer implied meaning; present a prepared topic to an audience; listen and take notes and be conscious of different communication situations that demand different registers.

Duration: 6 hours per week (3 x 2hour session) for the duration of 74 hours (5 to 6 months)

Course fees: N$1230 for tuition and registration

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