Communication in English: English Intensive Courses

Mainly for students from non-Anglophone countries who would want to want to study at UNAM or NUST. This courses is offered on three levels (Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced)

Target Group: Private individuals, students, the Business community and everyone who wishes to learn a language or to improve his/her language skills.

Content: The courses aim, above all, at developing knowledge of the spoken language, using the Communicative approach and the practice of interactive language skills. Thus the courses cover the four skills: reading, listening, writing, speaking as well as grammar and vocabulary. The skills developed relate to everyday needs for the business community and private individuals. The content includes greetings, use of body language, making apologies and excuses, welcoming, asking questions, introductions, thank you language, chairing meetings, taking minutes, giving and following directions, requesting and communicating information from various sources and to others, giving feedback, communicating by phone , card, fax or letter and counting money, measurements and the language of casual speaking e.g. making jokes, teasing or riddles.

Focus: Sentence structure, grammatical accuracy, wider vocabulary development, spelling and noun-verb agreement. Tenses, plurals and singulars, synonyms, opposites, genders, spelling, pronunciation, memoranda, linking devices, the use of articles, passive and active voice.

Duration: 4 hours per week for approximately 6 months, (offered every semester)

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