Procedures during the Graduation Ceremony

Windhoek: Safari Hotel and Conference Centre
Undergraduand Degrees

Before the Ceremony

  1. When entering the foyer of the graduation venue, via the security checkpoint, graduands are directed to their specific seats as indicated on your seat ticket.

  2. All graduands need to be fully robed in the approved official academic attire (dressed in black academic gown, scarf/sash/hood and mortarboard).

During the Ceremony

  1. Graduands and the Congregation will be informed by the Director of Ceremony to rise when the Academic Procession and the Stage Procession enter the hall and remain standing for the National and African Unity (AU) Anthems.

  2. Following the Order of Proceedings, the Dean of Faculty will inform the Chancellor that he / she will read out the names of those who are going to receive degrees. Names will be read and the graduand will stand and remain standing as the rest of the names for the specific qualification are read.

  3. The Dean of Faculty will request the graduands to take their seats after each qualification has been read.

  4. After reading out the names of all graduands for degrees, the Chancellor will say that “all degrees have now been conferred”.


  • No graduand is allowed to smoke whilst dressed in academic attire, or inside the graduation venue.

  • All graduands and guests are kindly requested to be formally dressed for the Graduation Ceremonies.

  • No graduand is allowed to leave the hall during the ceremony.

Graduands with outstanding fees and/or documents:

  • Once Graduands have fulfilled their obligations towards UNAM, their Qualification Certificate and Credit Certificate will be issued by the Office of the Registrar (Examination Section).