Articles in Journals
Klintenberg P, H Wanke, M Hipondoka (2013). Social-Ecological Impact Assessment of Rainwater Harvesting, Groundwater Desalination, Sanitation, Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in the Cuvelai Water Basin: Thematic Study on Ecology, Land Use, Hydrological Cycle, and Eco-hydrology.. CuveWaters Papers .
Wanke, A, Dunkeloh, A, A Wanke (2013). A distributed water balance model to estimate direct groundwater recharge: A case study from the Nhoma and Khaudum catchments, Namibia.. International Science and Technology Journal of Namibia 2; pp. 11- 32.
Conference Papers
Wanke, A (2013). Aeolian Contaminant Dispersal from Mine Tailings – A Case Study of the Namib Lead Mine. Namibia, Conference Proceedings “Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Recourses – St Petersburg 2013, p. 191..

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