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You are welcome to the psychology section at Human Sciences Department, a friendly section with reputation for excellence in teaching, research and support for students. Psychology as a field is dedicated to the scientific study of mental processes and behaviour through observing, interpreting, and recording how people and other animals relate to one another and the environment. We offer two distinct degrees: Bachelor of Psychology (B.Psych.) and Bachelor of Art (Psychology) with focus on Clinical Psychology. The Section also offers a taught Master’s degree in Psychology which has a strong research component.

From the second year, students can choose to continue their study in Bachelor of Psychology (B.Psych.) while at the third year students in the BA programme, can opt for single major in Clinical or Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Our undergraduate program prepare student for diverse career paths such as: psychology counsellor, school counsellor, business associate, human resource officer, customer care officer, in addition to employment opportunities in management, education, public sector service, sales and marketing. It also prepares student for graduate study in any area of psychology (including training to be a clinical psychologist, industrial/organizational psychologist).

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