Human Sciences Overview

Human Sciences as a department includes three Sections. They are Psychology, Social Work, Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics. These Sections are all offering different skills to students.

The Section of Psychology offers both Clinical Psychology and Industrial Psychology, thus training students to directly work with clients and patients in these fields of psychological need. Students are trained to work with clients and are given the opportunity to take up internships in order to gain first-hand experience in their fields of study, whether they aspire to be clinical psychologists or industrial psychologists.

In Social Work students are trained to work with the social problems and personal problems of students on various levels. Whilst doing their studies students are given the opportunity to work with clients in practice and are monitored by lecturers to become the solution seekers for social problems of clients.

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics complement the other two subjects in various ways, since religious practice and social skills are basic to the make-up of all persons in society. In the traditional and contemporary Namibian societies people are working with other people who believe and present themselves within their world on spiritual and mental premises, which are tested and challenged all the time. Our Namibian society needs psychologists, social workers, philosophers and ethicists to guide them in a challenging and enticing environment.

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Human Sciences News

Call for Papers: 8th Annual Research Conference

Conference Theme: "Directing research towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)"
September 13, 2016

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS) invites submission of abstracts of research based papers that relate to the theme ‘Directing research towards SDGs’ for its 8th Annual Research Conference. T …

Social Work Students Receive Warm Welcome

March 7, 2016

The Department of Social Work within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, staged a welcoming ceremony for 1st Year Social Work Students. The aim of the ceremony was to orientate and support the students in their journey. Guest Lecturer and So …