CPD Model

Namibia’s strategic plan, Vision 2030, constitutes the country’s road map towards achieving higher levels of industrialization and development. Meeting this goal means turning Namibia into a knowledge based society with major achievements in information technology, innovation and manufacturing. The Vision recognizes that the attainment of its aspirations is contingent upon a dynamic, responsive, and highly effective education and training system.

Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

Monitoring and evaluation can be effective tools to enhance the quality of project planning and management. Monitoring helps project managers to understand whether the projects are progressing in schedule and to ensure that project inputs, activities, outputs and external factors are proceeding as planned. Evaluation can be a tool to help project managers assess to what extent the projects have achieved the objectives set forth in the project documents.

Needs Analysis Report

This report presents the results of a qualitative study of the capacity building of educators, education managers and school inspectors in Namibia. The study was conducted between January to March 2012 and it employed a document review approach to collect the information on the various CPD programmes undertaken in Namibia in the last ten years (2002-2012). The aim of the study is to assess the training and capacity building needs of educators, education managers and school inspectors, and guide the development of capacity building plan for the CPD Unit and its stakeholders, namely, National Institute for Education Development, UNAM Faculty of Education and Programme Quality Assurance Directorate.

Credit Accumulation Award

The provision of continuing professional development in Namibia is undergoing major changes in its approach. We are implementing a credit- and outcomes-based approach which is designed to be accessible, inclusive, flexible, responsive, targeted and effective. The goal is to offer educators opportunities that recognise the widest possible range of quality assured professional and academic achievements that can be converted into qualifications or awards – without the participants having to leave their places of work.

Implementing CPD at the site/school level

This guide is an attempt to provide guidance on how to implement CPD at the local level, particularly at the school level. The guide provides suggestions, tools and templates that could be used to implement CPD at the site/school level. Nothing is prescriptive in this guide. Sites/schools are encouraged to be creative in their implementation of CPD and to share their innovations with the entire community of educators.

Implementing CPD at the Regional level

This guide seeks to support the Regional Continuing Professional Development Coordinating Committee in the implementation of its roles and responsibilities by suggesting ways on how to implement these roles and responsibilities. The guide is not prescriptive and should be used in a much flexible manner depending on the conditions on the ground.

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