The National CPDTLI Consortium Advisory Committee

Dr. H. PomutiDr. H. Pomuti
Director at NIED
Dr. C. VilletDr. C. Villet
Dean of the Faculty of Education at UNAM
Prof. C. KasandaProf. C. Kasanda
Faculty of Education at UNAM
Ms. G. Tuli-Mevava NghiyoonanyeMs. G. Tuli-Mevava Nghiyoonanye
Director of Education at MCA-N
Dr. O. HailombeDr. O. Hailombe
Education Manager at MCA–N
Mr. Paulus KashiimbiMr. Paulus Kashiimbi
Mr. Mahongora KavihuhaMr. Mahongora Kavihuha
Mr. Martin MatsuibMr. Martin Matsuib

Ms. C. Tsumis-Garises Ms. C. Tsumis-Garises
Deputy Director at PQA
Ms. E. BohnMs. E. Bohn
Director at PQA

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