Method of Instruction

All CES programmes are offered by open and distance learning (ODL) mode. Open and distance learning is a unique method of study in the sense that instruction and learning take place with the instructor and the students in different places for most of the time. Different media are used for teaching distance education students. The main medium of instruction at CES is through the printed materials, which are occasionally supplemented by weekend tutorials, 1 – 2 weeks contact sessions, audio, audio-vision, video conferencing and telephone tutorials. With ODL teaching methods, it is possible for CES students to study when and where they wish throughout the country. For practical modules, practical activities are arranged at different times of the year at the convenience of students and lecturers.

In order to make it easier for students to digest study materials, each course is divided into modules and each module is divided into units with activities for the students to be able to assess their own understanding of the module. Supplementary reading is recommended in the form of a reader that will be supplied with the study material or a prescribed textbook that should be bought by the student or borrowed from the library. Where modules are accompanied by audiocassettes, these are supplied to students.


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