Activities of Centre for eLearning and Interactive Multimedia (CeLIM)

  1. eLearning (online courses)
    1. Create video or audio recordings of lectures, embracing the flipped classroom concept
    2. Engage with lecturers, staff and various stakeholders at UNAM to go “e”
    3. Recording voice-overs of PowerPoint lectures, incorporate animations, media graphics, audio etc.
    4. Produce storyboards for lecturers before creating online courses (Instructional Design Team)
    5. Provide training to lecturers who are willing to go “e”
  2. Video Conferencing
    1. Facilitating day-to-day classes via video conference to UNAM satellite campuses
    2. Facilitating interviews with shortlisted candidates at various sites (video conferencing, skype conferencing, Adobe Connect)
    3. Facilitating meetings with various UNAM satellite campuses
    4. Provide training to regular video conferencing system users
    5. Moderation of scheduled video conferencing sessions
    6. Correspond with technicians at various campuses on scheduled video conferencing sessions
    7. Maintenance of video conferencing equipment at UNAM campus and satellite campuses
  3. Audio Visual Classrooms
    1. Day-to-day maintenance of AV Classrooms and equipment on main campus (Projectors, Screens and Document Camera equipment)
    2. Provide training to staff and lecturers using AV classrooms
    3. Train security officers how to operate AV equipment in various classrooms
  4. Auditorium
    Provide auditorium space for the use of public lectures, workshops, meetings, seminars, interviews, etc.
  5. Multimedia Studio
    Recording of videos and audios

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