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The University of Namibia recognizes that universities worldwide are harnessing Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to improve efficiency and effectiveness in their teaching, learning and research activities. In any modern institution of higher learning, eLearning is a key contributor to enhancing the academic profile of the institution. It also has a potential for enhancing the learner’s educational experience by enabling students to pursue world class education in a flexible learning environment outside of a conventional classroom setting. The use of eLearning requires a paradigm shift that puts the student at the center of the learning process and gives the lecturer more time for individual interaction with students. This enables even distance learning students to have two way interactive discussions with their instructors, as opposed to a one way delivery system currently in place. eLearning implementation therefore provides a strategy to respond to the three major challenges currently facing UNAM: equity, efficiency and quality of learning.

The University of Namibia supports the intentional use of Technology-enhanced learning to increase equity, enhance efficiency and improve the quality of teaching and learning. To develop as a leading national institution in learning, teaching and research, and to cultivate standards of excellence in all functions prescribed by the University of Namibia Act No. 18 of 1992, the University will take full advantage of opportunities provided by Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) to provide instructors and students with a technology rich physical and online learning environment that is designed to appreciate diverse teaching and learning style preferences and accommodate the diversity of its users. This policy provides the basis to harmonize Technology-enhanced Learning implementation across the University, and to also guide staff in the process of planning, design, development and delivery of Technology-enhanced modules and module units. The University will harness the availability of champions in eLearning, those willing to take the lead, to become early adopters in the implementation of eLearning processes.

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